Dear valued customers,

In regards to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Summitech LLC is taking all necessary precautions and steps in order to keep our employees and communities safe in this trying time. Nevada Governor Sisolak ordered all nonessential businesses in Nevada to close for 30 days. We comply with all state-directed requirements. As a part of the supply chain and logistics, Summitech is an essential business, and we will continue to fulfill orders until such time we are ordered to stop. Moving forward, Summitech employees will be working from home until further notice to practice social distancing. We will be available by email, phone, or video meeting, if necessary.

A majority of our suppliers are still in production and we are still working around the clock to ensure our customer’s projects are still on schedule. Please contact one of our team members if you are looking for supplier options while in this time of uncertainty.

State and federal officials continually recommend social distancing the most effective national strategy to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. Please continue to keep yourselves, families, and employees safe and healthy. Summitech LLC is doing its part in controlling this pandemic and we will all work together to come out of this stronger and better than ever.

Contact information is below.

We are closely following this situation and making the necessary changes accordingly. We hope to restore normal operations as soon as possible and will continue to communicate our updates.


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