Audio and Video Connectors

High Speed Data

Board Connectors

Fiber Optic Connectors

RF Connectors


  • LAN Transformers
  • Current Sensing Transformers
  • RF and High Frequency Transformers
  • Telecom Transformers
  • Flyback and Power Supply Transformers
  • Planar and High-current Transformers
  • Line Filters
  • Customized Products


  • Power Inductors, Non, Semi, and Fully Shielded
  • Chip Inductors, and Chip Ferrites
  • Ferrite Beads
  • Wireless Charging Coils
  • Low Profile
  • Through Hole and Surface Mount
  • Ceramic Chip Inductors
  • Wire Wound Inductors
  • Toroidal Chokes Coils

Power Cords

Display Port

Custom Assemblies/Harness