About Us



When Michael Leavitt and Peter Rossiter scraped together their savings to cover start up costs for a new company they wanted to establish – they never dreamed this venture would one day expand to offices in the United States, China, Singapore and Taiwan.  But they were working with some of the largest Electronics Distributors and Representatives in the States, and their hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction led them to evolve and keep pace with the dynamic electronics industry and identify key solutions for their customers.

Summitech now manufactures, represents and distributes electronic components all over the world.  Michael and Peter have created a company that is their customers’ direct conduit to the Asian market for cost effective solutions in today’s competitive world. They are dedicated to providing their customers with unsurpassed support, solid technical expertise and a commitment to taking the hassle and risk out of worldwide procurement.

After years of hard work Summitech now services a wide variety of markets and is an owner and investor in a majority of its Asian based factories.  Since its humble beginnings in 1999, a lot of hard work and a little starvation, Summitech has built key partnerships and long-lasting friendships all over the world.  To Michael, Peter and their staff, these customers and suppliers have become part of their extended family – because while work will come and go, family and memories will last a lifetime.


We build partnerships with our clients/customers and factories by delivering value in every transaction and communication.

Our partners know and trust us because we listen, care, and consistently deliver proven results.

We deliver solutions that are financially beneficial to all.

We are your key pathway for a direct connection to the factory.

Michael Leavitt – Head of Business Development

Michael Leavitt started Summitech back in 1999 while living in his dream home in Lake Tahoe, California. With bills piling up and two young children, it made sense to move to Reno, NV in 2003. Michael is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for leading companies to success. The companies he has co-partnered include Netcom Solutions, L2 Technical sales, Parity Sales, and Wavelength, with his true passion being Summitech. Michaels’ professional background includes engineering, manufacturing, sales and his ability to effectively construct deals. On top of that, his passionate “can do” approach ensures that every day is based on the importance of team effort and reaching his visions and goals for the company.  If he’s not in the office, he’s on the road visiting customers or traveling abroad to meet with his offshore partners to continually focus on growing the company. Not only does he enjoy being the comic relief in any situation, but enjoys helping local charities or running off for a little relaxation at his lake cabin or his home in Ecuador.  Michael is a non-stop adventurist as he just finished a 24-hour bike race in Bend, Oregon and climbed Mt.Whitney in August with two kids and fiancé. He also enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding. Most importantly, he enjoys spending every free minute with his two children and fiancé.  Michael has a strong sense of dedication and hard-work that help drive him in his work and personal life.

Pete Rossiter – Head of Operations

Pete Rossiter is the co-founder of Summitech. With more than 20 years’ experience in the electronics industry, Pete has worked in various roles for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and manufacturer representative organizations. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Nevada, Reno. Pete has a passion to find the best priced solutions for customer’s exacting specifications. If he’s not working, you can find him on the golf course, at the lake, or by the swimming pool with his wife and two sons.

Sean Chen – Director of Asia Operations

Sean Chen was born and raised in Taiwan and received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Taiwan Chung Hsiung University.  Sean is an expert in the interconnect/cable industry with more than 20 years’ experience working at various companies such as Molex, Wieson, etc. He has traveled to the USA many times throughout his years and understands what is needed and expected from our USA based customers.  Over the past 14-15 years, Sean has become a part of Summitech’s family; first with being a valued supplier to eventually joining our team in 2013.  His experience in China has helped Summitech continually grow and evolve in the China market. He is a true value to the overall success of Summitech.  When not working hard in China, he enjoys his visits to Taiwan to spend time with his two daughters and wife.  To free his mind from the busy China life, he also enjoys hiking, fishing and singing.  With strong beliefs in MaZu (Sea God), he plans a mission every year for his beloved MaZu.

Allison Raymond – Key Account Manager

Allison graduated in 2005 from the University Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She joined Summitech in 2006 with little experience in the electronics industry. Her drive to learn, strong work ethic, and ability to take on multiple tasks has helped her get where she is today. She has tackled many roles within the company from logistics, to receivables and payables and inside and outside sales. Allison has solidified her ability to perform with excellence for our customers and follow them through all aspects of the supply chain. Allison hopes that her years at Summitech and the knowledge she has gained will help the company maintain growth over the years and eventually take on a larger role once the owner/s transition to retirement. Outside of work, Allison enjoys being a mom to her daughter and spending time with her husband and two dogs. She’s a passionate Triathlete as she just completed her first full Ironman in the summer of 2017. Aside from swimming, biking, and running she enjoys cooking, travel, snowshoeing, and hiking.

Bill Schimandle – Principal Engineer

William (Bill) Schimandle joined Summitech in early 2016. Bill brings with him over 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of electronic components and assemblies. An experienced troubleshooter, Bill approaches problems with a creative yet seasoned approach. A veteran of many manufacturing campaigns both onshore and offshore, he is able to effectively manage technical staff as well as program and project management; in order to deliver product both under budget and on-time. He also brings his experience to bear when consulting with customers’ design engineering staff, helping them to recognize cost savings through re-use and leverage of existing product lines. In his spare time, Bill enjoys flying as a private pilot, spending time with his children and grandchildren, pyrotechnics, and prospecting for precious minerals.

Rachel Gardner – Customer Service Specialist

Rachel Gardner graduated from CSU Stanislaus in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Rachel moved to Reno in 2006 and joined Summitech in 2014. Rachel’s widespread experience, work ethic, and flexibility to do several tasks is her greatest asset. Rachel’s career with Summitech is growing rapidly as she started as a Logistics Specialist but has quickly moved her way up to Customer Service Specialist, including Inside Sales. She works with all Summitech’s offshore partners to ensure that quality parts are delivered on time. Rachel’s drive comes from the lifestyle company that Summitech provides. She is excited to be working with other employees that are just as dedicated and want to succeed. Rachel looks forward to the career opportunities that Summitech can give her and where they will take her in the years to come. When she’s not in the office, Rachel likes to travel and experience other cultures, running her two dogs, playing in a local soccer league and trying to keep her fiancé grounded.

Stella – Office Dog

Stella started with Summitech in 2010 as an abused and neglected stray, but quickly became a part of the family. Stella’s responsibilities have blossomed throughout the years and she can’t wait to be the first one to the office every day. Starting out as a guard dog and quickly promoted to an overly affectionate greeter, she has secured employee of the month on several occasions. When Stella’s not hard at work she enjoys running, snowshoeing, boating or hanging out at the cabin. Squirrel!!!!

Pesbee – Office Dog

Pesbee started with Summitech in 2014 and she too was a poor neglected stray. She is now a workaholic and enjoys coming to the office every day. We’re not sure if it’s the benefits package or just the occasional treat but either way, she’s always excited to get to work. Pesbee has a full resume and several job responsibilities. She continues to be passionate about becoming a forklift driver, as each day she insists on occupying the seat for hours at a time. She has also taken some janitorial duties up in the past year like monitoring the floors for food under each employees’ desk. When Pesbee’s not working, she enjoys day time talk shows, snuggling, snacking, and walks.