USB – Making More with Less

History of USB Universal Serial Bus, or USB, was invented by a consortium of companies (Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel) in 1994. The intent was to replace the myriad number of cables that were used at the time to connect a personal computer to all the peripherals. Mice, Keyboards, Joysticks, modems, and

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2018 CES Show

Happy New Year!  Americas largest consumer electronics tradeshow is upon us once again, showcasing the next generation of innovations and products.  Summitech is looking forward to attending CES in Las Vegas this year, to check out some of world’s most recognizable brand names, to the small-scale tech companies’ future products.  It makes for great meetings

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Defining Angled Cable Assemblies – A Short Guide

Have you ever seen an advertisement for “Left Hand” USB cable and wondered just what the heck that even is? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to tell you all about how to define and shop for angled cable assemblies. Most cable types for common consumer usage come in straight lengths,

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HDMI Cable Specification Considerations

Abstract Selecting the proper HDMI cable can be a challenging problem in today’s environment of Internet sales, with sites such as Alibaba opening up access to suppliers in the Far East that may not be as scrupulous as they purport to be. The wary buyer must now become technically aware of standards and specifications in

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