Choosing Programmable LEDs

Recent news regarding programmable LEDs sourcing out of China has prompted this article. With a keen eye toward ‘caveat emptor’, we present a guide on what questions to ask of potential suppliers that you are evaluating in the field of addressable LEDs. LM-80 – This standard relates to lumen depreciation, which is the term used

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Powering those LEDs – What You Need to Know

Programmable LED strips are fantastic when it comes to adding color patterns to almost anything. But one thing to keep in mind is the power that will be required to run them. Yes, LEDs use much less power than incandescent lights, as most of us know from buying them for our home lighting, but they

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Gamma and LEDs – Adjusting for Brightness

If you’ve ever dimmed a programmable led, you have certainly noticed that the response is non-linear. If you ramp up the duty cycle from zero to one hundred percent, you’ve noticed that the led gets brighter very quickly at the start, then somewhere around the fifty percent mark it stops getting brighter at all. On

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Using A Single Programmable LED ftw!

Most consumer electronics products use indicator lights to display the status of the unit to the customer. Is the power on? Has the unit booted? Is it receiving traffic? These indicator lights are used by technical support personnel to help consumers work through problems they are having. These indicators are almost always LEDs, and they

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