Freeport was established in 1982 and now has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience specializing in high definition digital products. Freeport leads the world in cable assemblies and connector manufacturing with presence in Asia, Europe, and North America. With Summitech’s strong partnership with the Freeport Group, we have since established Freeport USA and are now the US exclusive representative.

As the fastest growing cable assembly and connector company in the world, Freeport continues to deliver innovative value-added services with an extensive range of products. Freeport continues to improve their automation to remain competitive in today’s challenging market. To do this, they reinvest a minimum of 10% of their annual revenues into R&D initiatives. Freeport’s core competencies are in product design, tooling, design fabrication, stamping, injection (mold/insert) molding, die casting, and assembly.

Freeport has a range of cable products including USB, HDMI, Lightning, Mini SAS, USB, and DC power cables. They also have a range of connector products to include HDMI, USB, DP, RJ45, and D-SUB. We welcome you to read below and see what new products Freeport will be releasing soon or within the next year. If you would like to know more about any of the products and how we can support your designs, please contact us and we will be happy to help you in whatever way we can.


New Products Coming Soon

Waterproof Type C Connector (Rec.)

Description: IPX7, MID-Mount, SMT type

Features: Insertion Force: 5N~20N, Withstanding Voltage: 100V AC for 1 Minute, Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ Min, Waterproof level: IPX7


24pin Type C Connector (Rec.)

Description: TBT3, Vertical, SMT, Height:9.3mm

Features: Current: 5A(Min.) for VBUS, Voltage: 5V AC Max, Contact Resistance: 40mΩ AC Max, Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ Min


Active HDMI Cable

Description: With IC, LED & Micro USB, 4K/60HZ

Features: Active HDMI Cable with LED & IC, Length: 7.5M~25M, Cable AWG: 24AWG~28AWG, Support 4K@60HZ, T-Grip Design, Antiskid, With High Insertion Force

HDMI 2.1 Cable

Description: HDMI 2.1 Cable, L=1.0 & 1.5M

Features: Support 8K@60HZ & 4K@120HZ, With 4 TMDS Channels and up to 48Gbps, Cover 32-bit Audio Channels, 1536 kHZ sample rate and all currently known audio formats

HDMI 2.1 Connector (Rec.)

Description: Top-Mount, SMT, Height:9.3mm

Features: Current Rating: 0.5A, Voltage Rating: 40V/AC (RMS), Contact Resistance: 30mΩ Max, Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ Min


New Products Available Now

16pin Type C Connector (Plug)

Description: Solder Type, CM to Audio

Features: Current Rating: 3A, Voltage: 20V AC, Insertion Force: 5N~25N, 480Mbps Transmission Rate (USB 2.0)

12pin Type C Connector (Plug)

Description: SMT Type, Stretch Shell

Features: Voltage: 20V AC, 480 Mbps Transmission Rate (USB 2.0), Current Rating: 5A Max, Durability: 10,000 Cycles


Type C to Audio Cable

Description: Type C to Audio 3.5 Jack L=90mm

Features: Molding Material: PC +PBT Shell, SR TPE, Hi-Pot: 300V AC/0.1SEC 0.5mA, Conductive Resistance: 1Ω (Max)


12pin Type C Cable

Description: USB 2.0 AM To Type C Cable, L=1M

Features: High-Strength Stainless Steel Tensile Shell, Contact Current Rating: 3A, Insulation Resistance: 300V/DC 0.025 10mΩ (Min)


24pin Type C Cable

Description: USB Type C to Type C, USB 3.1 G2, L=1M

Features: TID No.:5,200,000,25, Support 10Gbps Transmission Rate (USB 3.1 G2), Voltage: 20V, Current: 5A