When looking for a USB charger, you must first understand the power requirements of the device that you want to charge. Early cell phones and power banks could only use 1A of current, so any wall or car charger would work with them. However, as devices have become more power-hungry, and power banks have become larger, USB charger options have evolved to meet the need.

The standard low-cost charger, whether it is a wall or car charger, remains the 1A. For a short period of time, as the Apple iPad became popular, 2.1A chargers began to appear. But now, with smart phones and power banks requiring more and more energy, 3A and 5A chargers have become available. And last but not least, the USB PD (Power Delivery) chargers/supplies are now on the market which can supply up to 100 watts (5A @ 20V).

If you find that your device takes an unacceptably long time to charge, turn your charger over and read that fine print on the bottom. You will find a line that starts with “Output”. This line will tell you what voltage and amperage the charger is capable of putting out.

This picture shows the standard wall charger capable of 1A of current. If you want your device to charge faster, and it is capable of charging faster, you will need to obtain a charger with a higher current output, such as this Mentech USB “Quick Charge” car charger.

A QuickCharge device will provide, as the label shows, 5V at up to 3 amps, so your device can charge at the higher rate that it needs. And so the quicker you can charge, the quicker you can get back in business. There are a lot more details to device battery charging, but this short guide can help you to select the USB charger that will be most suitable to your device.

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