Happy New Year!  Americas largest consumer electronics tradeshow is upon us once again, showcasing the next generation of innovations and products.  Summitech is looking forward to attending CES in Las Vegas this year, to check out some of world’s most recognizable brand names, to the small-scale tech companies’ future products.  It makes for great meetings with business partners and customers to discuss future opportunities on how we can continue to support the constant change in the electronics/tech industries.

We are most excited to see the advancements this year in televisions and the integration of streaming platforms in their systems; making entertainment in your home more accessible every day. TCL, Vizio, Element, Samsung, LG and Sony will all be present at this year’s show.  Summitech is proud to be involved in this technology advancement that we all use in our homes.  In addition, we look forward to seeing our partners in the gaming industry, virtual reality, broadband and video, WI-FI systems and various others.

Our trusted manufacturers that will be participating in the show will be Diptronics Manufacturing, PNY Technologies, and Freeport Resources Enterprises. For more information on these companies and product offerings, please go to www.summitech.com.  If you are interested in meeting with us, we would be happy to set up a meeting.  We will check back after the show to share some of our thoughts.  Here’s to a successful 2018!